Financial Advisor Bullish on Crypto: ‚Take Time to Learn About the Tech‘

• Bitcoin rallied on Monday, despite the closure of Signature Bank and Silvergate Capital Corp.
• Financial advisor Douglas Boneparth is staying bullish on blockchain technology.
• Crypto analyst Altcoin Sherpa expects a break above $25,000 to establish $30,000 as the next major target for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Recovers Despite Signature Bank Closure

Bitcoin rallied sharply on Monday despite the recent news that both Signature Bank and Silvergate Capital Corp have announced their closure. This shows that many investors remain optimistic about the future of crypto in spite of these events.

Douglas Boneparth Stays Bullish On Blockchain

Financial advisor Douglas Boneparth has expressed his continued bullishness for blockchain technology, saying in an interview with CNBC: „Most financial advisors like myself aren’t going to make the recommendation for a client to buy or sell crypto. But I’m still bullish on the technology when it comes to crypto.“ He also recommended that anyone interested should take the time to learn more about decentralised finance and its potential applications.

Altcoin Sherpa’s Outlook For Bitcoin Price

Crypto analyst Altcoin Sherpa has predicted that if Bitcoin breaks through $25,000 then it will establish $30,000 as its next major target price. This could be seen as further evidence of investor optimism in spite of the recent news from Signature Bank and Silvergate Capital Corp.

Douglas Boneparth’s Recommendations

Despite this good news, Douglas Boneparth has advised caution in investing in cryptocurrencies due to their volatile nature, recommending instead that people take time to learn more about decentralised finance before making any decisions regarding investments in this space.


Overall, it appears that investors remain positive about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies despite recent announcements from two major banks closing down operations in this sector. Both Douglas Boneparth and Altcoin Sherpa are expecting further gains from Bitcoin over the coming months which may further bolster investor confidence moving forward.