Destination Promotion Stategy

The Destination Promotion Strategy was carried out by Leithal Thinking to provide a way forward for DEMA.   A summary of this strategy is provided below.


DEMA will become the central focus for shaping perceptions of Edinburgh across the target areas of visit, invest, live, work and study.  It will draw together the consortium of interests in the promotion of the destination and act as the facilitator or hub in leading the messaging about the destination.  This document outlines an ambitious marketing strategy designed to enable DEMA to harness a compelling city proposition, and to develop and deliver promotional activity which will lead to a step change in the city’s reputation and perception management.

Edinburgh is facing growing competition for visitors, inward investment, students and immigration.  Despite its undoubted strengths and famed quality of life, Edinburgh has some weaknesses compared to its city competitors which need to be addressed.  Specifically, Edinburgh falls behind on ‘pulse’ and ‘presence’, as well as lacking recognition for its contemporary assets.  Edinburgh, utilising the Edinburgh Inspiring Capital brand, needs to turn up the volume on its modern, vibrant attributes, balancing these with the key drivers of its historic beauty and unique heritage.  It needs to convey compelling stories and examples which build a more surprising and well-rounded impression of what the city has to offer.

At the heart of the strategy is a compelling city proposition and clear audience targeting.  The positioning for Edinburgh is rooted in three fundamental brand truths:

  • Historical and architectural beauty
  • Compact in size but rich and diverse in experience
  • A closeness to nature

These truths are encapsulated in the recommended city proposition:

Edinburgh is a world-class capital city, compact but rich in experiences.  It combines a contemporary vibrancy with a rich cultural heritage and architectural beauty.  And, its closeness to nature gives it a truly elemental feel.

This is in line with the existing Edinburgh Inspiring Capital brand architecture.  DEMA is the guardian and champion for the new proposition as well as the custodian of the Edinburgh Inspiring Capital brand.

This proposition has been developed to meet the needs and requirements of the audience for visit, invest, live, work, and study.

Each specific proposition needs to be substantiated with motivating tactical messages supported by credible reasons to believe (RTB’s).  These, in turn, should be brought to life by memorable and engaging stories and testimonials.  DEMA now needs to ‘road test’ these propositions and messages by conducting qualitative research amongst the target audience.

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